Preparing for Tests

Many people suffer from test anxiety, but you don’t need to let your nervousness get the best of you when it’s time to take your cosmetology licensing exam. Taking the time to prepare for the test should help you feel much more confident in your skills on exam day.

There are a number of different resources available to help you prepare for your cosmetology licensing tests:

  • beauty school review: Your beauty school program will likely include some form of review for your cosmetology licensing exam. This is often part of the coursework that is taken shortly before you graduate.
  • Peer review: Reviewing for your cosmetology licensing tests with fellow beauty school graduates can be helpful. Quizzing each other on important concepts is a good way to evaluate your knowledge and determine if you need more time to study a particular area.
  • State Board of Cosmetology materials: The State Board of Cosmetology should have a study guide, practice test, or outline of what will be covered. You may receive these materials when you register for the exam, or they may be provided on your state’s website.
  • Printed study guides: There are printed study guides and practice test questions that you can purchase or request from your public library’s interlibrary loan system.
  • Online testing: Many websites offer cosmetology exam practice test questions. Some sites have free practice test questions, but many do charge a fee for access to all of their resources. The National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) also maintains a study guide on its website.