Photography School

If you attend a photography school, you may meet photographers who can relate stories about exciting times in their photography careers. You might hear about famous people they met and photographed, intriguing places they got to visit, or just the times when the conditions were right for the perfect shot.

Many photographers like using their artistic talents combined with technical know-how. They also enjoy the varied lifestyle of different jobs to do and an assortment of places to visit. One big advantage is that your career can change over time. You may start out in a photography career that requires long hours and lots of travel. Later, you may transition to a field that has you home more often, with more regular work times. With the wide array of photography careers, you can build your own life.

Benefits of a Career in Photography

Another benefit to a photography career is that you can start with a shorter time of education than with many other professions. A photography school may only take twelve to eighteen months, or you can start immediately as an intern or assistant to a professional photographer.

Photographers have the satisfaction of knowing that their work is valued, often for generations. Families treasure photographs of weddings, school pictures, and family portraits for years to come.

Meet Interesting People

One of the great benefits of being a photographer is the opportunity to meet interesting, famous, or unusual people. Think of any photos that you see in a magazine or newspaper or on a celebrity website. A photographer took those, and was right there with that person. For example, the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz wrote a book about her times of photographing famous rock stars, such as the Rolling Stones and John Lennon; powerful politicians, including every president from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama; and top movie stars, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Demi Moore. Other photographers have had similar experiences. You will likely study some of their photos in photography school.

Sometimes the photographs are of difficult and emotional experiences. Photojournalists capture images of disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, that remain in our memory. Those pictures of people sitting on the top of their destroyed houses touched many hearts. Who could forget the timeless war photos that have been taken over the last century? Often the people who photographers interact with are ordinary people enduring tough situations. Still, their photos mesmerize us and immortalize the event and the people.

One satisfying benefit of being a photographer is the chance to meet interesting people, whether a celebrity or an ordinary person. You never know who you may meet in the course of an assignment.

Creative Lifestyle

Benefits of a Career in Photography

When people think of creativity in the visual arts, they often concentrate on painting. However, photography is as creative an art form as painting. In photography school, a person learns many of the same techniques a painter would learn – form, composition, color. These factors are important in all kinds of photography, not just fine art photography. The photographer must have a good eye for perspective, background, lighting, and other artistic elements, just as any artist needs. Videographers may record news events or everyday happenings, but their work entails many of the same qualities seen in the best movies.

Photographers also live a creative lifestyle in their work schedules. Most do not work a nine-to-five job at the same location, year after year. They often travel, meet interesting people, and sometimes work long hours, while other times are more leisurely. Many photographers are self-employed, so they can conduct business on their own terms.

The result of excellent photography may lead to every artist’s dream: an exhibit of your work. Photographs of beautiful places, famous people, or extraordinary events have been shown around the world in some of the finest galleries and museums. Videography exhibits have also been shown.

Qualified for a Variety of Jobs

One of the best benefits for a photography school graduate is the variety of possible jobs available. Photographers are needed in a wide spectrum of jobs. Here are a few choices:

  • News, whether print or television.
  • Sports, also whether in print or television.
  • Commercial photographers, working for companies in photographing for catalogs, publicity materials, or inventories.
  • Magazines, either print or online versions, and book publishers.
  • Portrait studios.
  • Glamour or fashion photography.
  • Advertising agencies.

Photographers often are self-employed, so a photography school graduate might start out by looking for a position as an assistant to an experienced photographer. Learning the ropes with a professional can give you the background to start your own business later.

The wide variety of possible jobs also gives the new photographer a choice of locations. Live where you want and work in that area, or choose a central location and travel to where the assignments take you.

You also have the option of starting in one field of photography and moving into another as your experience grows. The choice of career path is up to you. Professional photographers will always find a demand for their work.