Beauty School Media

Cosmetology jobs in the media aren’t easy to get, but these positions provide a unique opportunity to test your creativity in the beauty industry.Beauty school graduates who work in the media have a chance to create dramatic, fashion forward looks for their clients. They can also experiment with special effects – using makeup and hairstyling to transform actors into a variety of characters.

Cosmetology jobs in the media can include positions working on:

  • Runway fashion shows
  • Advertising photo shoots
  • Magazine editorial shoots<
  • Theater productions
  • Television shows
  • Movies

Obviously, media cosmetology jobs are going to be heavily concentrated in larger cities. New York and Los Angeles are the biggest markets for this work. Some positions are traditional full-time jobs, but most will be part-time or independent contractor opportunities. For this reason, it is common for cosmetologists who work in the media to also have traditional jobs at beauty salons in their area.

If you’re considering using your beauty school training to work in the media, remember that these cosmetology jobs come with rather unique working conditions. You’ll often get to meet celebrities, but your job isn’t going to be glamorous on a daily basis. Travel is likely to be required, since productions are often shot in exotic locations. Your hours may be erratic to accommodate the schedules of the models and actors you work with.