Cost of Dance School

When considering a dance school, one of the most important factors is the cost. Tuition will vary depending on where you attend classes (local dance studio vs. professional dance school), the reputation of the school, the degree type, and the number of classes required for the degree. There are many degree choices and career options within dance, so you’ll want to attend a school with a program that fits your needs. Because the cost can vary greatly from one school to another, it’s best to compare the schools of your choice to find the best program for the money.

Local dance studios will often charge by the class. For one weekly 45-minute class, the cost is around $50-$55 per month. Two hours of weekly instruction costs around $75-$100 per month, with four hours a week of dance instruction at $115-$160 per month. Some studios offer unlimited monthly classes at around $150-$200 per month. Although these costs may seem nominal to some people, there are usually other fees and costs to consider with dance. Registration fees, costume fees, equipment fees, and performance fees all cost extra and can range from $25-$75. If you are interested in taking private dance lessons, expect to pay considerably more. Each private class can cost $75-$100. Despite the cost, many professional dancers have taken private classes at some point in their careers to focus on specific dance moves and work on acquiring new skills.

Many extra costs are incurred when students are out of state or if room and board is required. Students who just need the classes will find that most college tuitions range around $5,000-$10,000 per year. Including room and board, most music programs at universities range in tuition from $12,000 to $25,000 per year. This varies depending on the school, program, and concentration. Master’s and doctoral degree programs tend to cost more than bachelor’s degree programs.

At the high end of cost is popular performing arts school Julliard, which is based in New York City. Known for attracting only the best and brightest students, Julliard costs more than $32,000 per year just for classes. Books, supplies, and room and board bring the total annual cost to more than $50,000. Julliard teaches students modern dance and classical ballet. The school’s graduates have gone on to work with dance companies throughout the United States. Some students are now successful directors and choreographers.

Dance school is a huge financial investment. However, cost should not be the only factor when choosing a dance school. Even if you think you cannot afford a particular school, there are many options available to help defray the costs of your dance-school education.