Courts and the Criminal Justice System

Another course students may take in criminal justice schools is Courts and the criminal justice System. This course examines the current system of courts and legal procedures in the United States as well as in other countries. Students who take this course may learn about the steps involved at each level of criminal justice as an alleged offender moves through the legal system.

Students will learn about the important legal issues surrounding:

  • Investigations
  • Official charges
  • Indictments
  • Courts at various levels
  • Sentencing, and corrections

Legal rights and responsibilities of all involved, including alleged criminal offenders, lawyers, judges, law enforcement personnel, and security specialists, are also discussed.

The psychological and sociological impact of the criminal justice system might also be addressed in this course, as these issues are inextricably involved in criminal behavior. A clear and thorough understand of the criminal courts system and the criminal justice system is imperative to ethical job performance for anyone interested in any type of career in criminal justice.