Criminal Justice Admissions

As with admissions to any academic program, people applying to criminal justice schools should know how to emphasize their talents and successes while minimizing any flaws. The admissions process varies widely depending on the type of program for which the student is applying. Types of programs include those offered at junior colleges, traditional four-year colleges and universities, and career training institutes. (These days, an online college program is an increasingly popular choice, too.) Obviously a year-long training program at a career institute has requirements that are different from a four-year bachelor’s degree program at a university. In order to ensure acceptance into a criminal justice schools of choice, candidates should be familiar with the requirements of the programs in which they are interested. Candidates should also choose at least one program as a “safety school,” a program to which they will likely be accepted.

Candidates should apply to schools based on their own personal preferences and consider factors such as cost, location, specific program strengths, and when they would like to begin working. Admissions processes and requirements vary, but candidates should remember that, regardless of specific schools’ requirements, strong applicants all share certain characteristics: exemplary test scores, good written and oral communication skills, and a strong desire to improve the community.