Manager Pharmacist

Directly below the position of the pharmacy director is the position of pharmacy manager. Like the pharmacy director position, this position requires work experience beyond the basic training available at pharmacy schools.

The pharmacy manager is responsible for the hands-on work within the pharmacy, such as compounding and dispensing medications. The pharmacy manager is also responsible for supervising others’ work in these areas.

Additional responsibilities include supervision of other pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other support staff. The pharmacy manager may also coordinate the delivery of drugs to the pharmacy and may devise a work schedule, prepare an annual budget, and manage insurance billing duties.

Keeping an adequate stock of medications in a pharmacy is critical. The pharmacy manager supervises the taking of inventory and may be responsible for ordering new supplies.

As in all pharmacist jobs, graduation from pharmacy school is required in order to obtain a position as a pharmacy manager.Most job opportunities will require a minimum of three years experience working as an assistant to a pharmacy director. Because certain job tasks, like preparing an annual budget, require business acumen, successful candidates for this type of position should have some knowledge or experience in business administration.

Interpersonal skills are very important in any managerial position, and the pharmacy manager’s position is no different. Individuals in this position not only supervise support staff, they also supervise other pharmacists.

For the goal-oriented pharmacist, a pharmacy manager position may be one to strive for.

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