Continuing Education

There is no national standard across the United States for continuing education credits for massage therapists. There are various state standards that require continuing education credits to renew a massage therapist license. It is in the arena of continuing education that a therapist can create a unique scope of practice. Continuing education programs tend to specialize in expert knowledge. With eighty modalities of massage techniques, no massage therapy practices are ever alike.

There are many continuing education options. Course length ranges from a few days to a few years. Continuing education courses may be by category, such as relaxation massage or Eastern massage. Courses could also be more specific types, such as polarity therapy, reiki, or shiatsu massage.

The boards awarding continuing education credit allow many avenues for obtaining credit. Continuing education credits can be from professional organizations, such as the American Association of Massage Therapists, or from online courses, workshops, community colleges, or home study courses.

In most states, the governing boards are not concerned about what you take to improve your knowledge of massage. The governing boards recommend you do continuing education throughout your career as a massage therapist. In some states, the boards chose to make continuing education required by tying it to license renewal.