Job Interviews-Massage Therapist

Job interviews show an employer your hard-earned qualifications and your perspectives on being a massage therapist. Massage therapy is an industry based on clients. It is important to have a good, well-developed set of interpersonal or customer service skills. These skills are invaluable for a job interview as well.

Preparing for an interview means first doing research on the organization. Sometimes employers ask questions about their company or industry to check if a future employee knows the territory. Research also tells a job seeker if an organization is not a good match for their needs. It gives a job seeker a common language and perspective with the job interviewer.

If this is your first job, check with your massage therapy school program to see if they provide advice and practice for job interviewing. It is a good idea to practice interviewing several times before doing an actual job interview. If the school does not provide the service, practice with friends and relatives. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be ready to discuss them. It is not the time to be a braggart, but it is not the time to be modest either. State in detail what you are good at and learn to put a good spin or a positive attitude on a weakness. Employers like to see job seekers addressing their weaknesses with more training or knowing how a weakness could be improved.

Personal appearance is important in the job interview. Be well groomed. Interview outfits should be appropriate for your industry. Generally, your teacher and director of your training program are professional massage therapists, so emulating their appearance and professionalism puts a job seeker on the right track.

Do not worry about being nervous. A little nervousness is a good thing because it keeps you alert and enthusiastic during the interview. Deep breathing will calm your nerves. Be confident in your training and remember the interview is just a conversation between you and the employer to determine if you meet each other’s needs.