Multicultural Law Enforcement

Another course students may take in criminal justice school is Multicultural Law Enforcement. As the global society becomes seemingly smaller through advances in communication and technology, people are becoming more aware of multicultural issues surrounding all aspects of life, including law enforcement. This course may examine definitions of “culture,” “multicultural,” “ethnicity,” and “race.” It may look closely at perceived troubles in the relationships between people considered part of a certain cultural group and the criminal justice system. It may examine methods that people who are involved in the criminal justice system can use to promote understanding, respect, trust, and cooperation within their multicultural communities.

An increasingly multicultural society will most likely mean an increasingly multicultural criminal element, as well. By understanding the issues involved with multiculturalism, students can understand how best to work to advance the goals of the criminal justice system, and how to improve communities they serve through commitment to understanding. Race, gender, and ethnicity are all issues affecting law enforcement and the criminal justice system, as well as the multicultural society in which we now live.