Preparing For The Job Search

If you’re like most students, your time at music school will fly by with surprising speed. One minute, you were a freshman nervous about being away from home for the first time. Now, you’re about to graduate and look for your first job.

Preparing For The Job Search

Most music schools have an office devoted to helping students find employment after graduation. Since resources at this office are provided free of charge, this is the best place to begin your job search. Your music school’s placement office can be a good place to learn about potential job leads and any job fairs that might be coming to your area. The office may also have workshops to help with resumes and interviewing skills.

When you’re looking for your first job out of music school, networking is key. For entry-level positions, employers look for enthusiastic candidates. Don’t be afraid to tell everyone you meet about your career goals. While you don’t want to brag or bore anyone, there’s no harm in making people aware of what you hope to accomplish in your professional life. Job leads often come from unexpected places. Your dentist might not be able to get you a job as a music therapist, but her uncle may be the head of human resources at the local hospital.

As a musician, you’ve likely had plenty of practice dealing with stage fright, rejection, and performance anxiety. Remember to apply those lessons learned to your job-hunting experience. You might not land your dream job immediately after your music school graduation, but don’t let yourself get discouraged. In time, your efforts will pay off.

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