Music School Admission

Music school admission is extremely competitive, so it is helpful to plan ahead when you’re making a list of schools you want to attend. It is a good idea to divide your list of schools into three categories:

  • Schools to which you are positive you would be admitted, based on your academic background and music skills;
  • Schools you are reasonably sure that you would be granted admission and think you would be happy attending;
  • Schools that you would love to attend, but that seem a bit out-of-reach based on the profile of students who are typically admitted.

Music School Admission

When applying to music school, you’ll probably need to submit a recording before your audition. If you are not an experienced editor, consider hiring a professional to help make sure your recording best showcases your talents. Larger cities often have people who do editing work on a freelance basis. If not, you can likely find a talented college student who will assist you for a small fee.

It is natural to be nervous during your music school audition, especially if the school happens to be your top choice. While there is no guaranteed cure for stage fright, practicing as much as possible before your audition will help you feel more prepared. If you are currently taking private music lessons, your instructor is a great resource for getting feedback on your performance. If you are preparing for a vocal audition, ask if you are allowed to bring your own accompanist.

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