Nursing Grants

There are many nursing grants available from specially funded nursing schools that nurses may apply for to receive money to assist in their educational endeavors.

Nursing Grants: Some Top Programs

  • The Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students is supported by federal funding and offers financial assistance to qualifying students who are enrolled full time in a health sciences program.
  • The Nursing scholarship program oversees 200 scholarships annually to nurses who qualify. Preference is given to full-time students in an accredited undergraduate program.
  • Nursing Education Loan Repayment program is a program that is government funded and is meant to increase qualified nurses in areas where there is extreme need. To qualify a nurse must prove financial need and agree to work for at least 2 years in a facility that has been designated as high need in return for 60% of their loan repayment. The nurse must also be current with student loan payments.
  • The Faculty Loan Repayment program is a program that assists financially disadvantaged health professions faculty repay their student loans. This program is a federally funded program.
  • The Indian Health Service Loan Repayment program is another federally funded program. For more information about this program, contact the Indian Health Service.

Some states offer state-funded nursing grants for students enrolling in nursing programs. Check with your financial aid officer at your school to see what scholarships might be available for you to apply for.

Grants for Minority students such as scholarship money provided by the Indian Health Service to help American Indians attend nursing school are available. The best place to check for these types of grants is through your college financial aid office.

Another source for nursing grants is nursing organizations, such as the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. If you are planning to enter a particular field of nursing, check with these types of organizations in your field of interest to see what they offer.

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