Occupational Therapy and Social Networking

There is an increasingly large presence of students, graduates of occupational therapy schools, and certified practitioners on social media network sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with many Internet blogs, forums, and chat rooms relating to everything from school and work experiences to practice tips and job leads. At a recent international occupational therapy conference, four therapists presented tutorials on how social media can enhance educational and work opportunities.

A recent article on the topic was published in the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) journal Occupational Therapy. In “Enhancing Practice Through Online Social Networking,” author Karen Dobbyns described how sharing personal experiences, posting questions, and offering professional practice tips serves to help the entire occupational therapy profession as well as patients.

AOTA has taken on a leadership role in social media for occupational therapists, with a presence on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, and other sites as well as their own social media network, OT Connections. Like Facebook and MySpace, OT Connections lets students and practitioners post personal and professional profiles, images, messages and build a network of friends around the world. It is available regardless of whether or not someone is an AOTA member.

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