Other Careers

The extensive opportunities for physician assistant school graduates also include jobs in school districts and colleges or universities. PAs may make $65,000 – $87,501 annually in educational environments where they offer care for students, faculty, and staff.

Government jobs pay $73,000 – $96,000 annually and are available in each branch of the armed forces as well as in Veteran Affairs and in the Indian Health Service. Physician assistants in the governments employ practice in primary practice as well as in every specialty, from plastic surgery to behavior.

A generalist job in the federal prison system involves daily operation of the clinic and sick call. The physician assistant is the primary provider for physical, emotional, and mental health issues for incarcerated patients and must be cognizant of security issues. Other government roles are very specific, such as the physician assistant with orthopedic surgery training needed to perform musculoskeletal evaluations of soldiers or the physician assistant performing outpatient cardiac procedures.

Government positions are available throughout the country. Stateside jobs are very similar to private practice in job tasks but differ in the government umbrella environment.

Positions also exist with HMOs, corporations, and nonprofits. Very few physician assistants are self-employed due to the supervisory requirement, but locum tenems work is available, allowing physician assistants to work in a variety of environments on a schedule that works best for them.

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