Reasons to Go to Dance School

There are many reasons to attend dance school. It is fun, healthy, and a great way to meet new people. Whether you are a novice who simply enjoys dance as a hobby or a professional dancer whose passion is to pursue dance as a career, there are local and professional dance programs to match your interest level.

Dance is a great form of exercise. It can be performed with others, making it an enjoyable way to burn calories and keep your body in shape. It increases your blood flow. It strengthens bones and lungs, and increases muscle tone. It helps students maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, if needed.

Being in a dance class with others has many social aspects. It helps you meet others with the same interest in dance. It also gives children and teenagers something to do outside of school, decreasing the risk of becoming pregnant or addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many summer camps are focused on dance. They usually last for several weeks and concentrate on keeping children entertained, fit, and healthy.

Local dance studios cater to novice students who are simply looking to have fun or stay in shape. The classes are not too long – usually 45 minutes to an hour – and you can attend them on your own schedule. Regular attendance is usually not a strict requirement. The classes are fairly inexpensive – around $50 a month for a weekly class. Everyone is usually at the same experience level, so you feel comfortable being yourself and aren’t too worried about what others will think of you. There is no pressure to perform outside your comfort level. Local dance studios usually focus on having fun and learning new dance moves.

If you decide to pursue dance as a career, there are many collegiate-level dance schools that can help you achieve your dream. These dance schools immerse you in dance, requiring you to practice for several hours almost every day. These programs are extremely intense and will give you an idea what it would be like to be a professional dancer. Being a performer requires a lot of energy and athletic ability. Several types of degrees are available for professional dancers. Many professional dance careers require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, so it will take four years or more to be prepared to audition and apply for dance jobs in this competitive industry.

Reasons to Go to Dance School
Dance school is required for almost every dance career. Whether you want to perform, teach, or work in dance therapy or administration, a dance degree program can give you the skills you need to succeed. If you choose to advance to a master’s and doctorate degree, the programs can often be tailored so that you take only the classes you need to be successful in your chosen career.

When you attend a professional-level dance school, you are surrounded by others who have the same passion for dance. You get to see how others perform and are inspired to set higher goals for yourself. In a sense, you are competing with others, which is usually a good thing, especially when it comes time for you to audition for a professional dancing job. You also have the support of experienced faculty.

Professional dance schools teach many aspects of dance. It’s much different than being in a local dance studio performing to music. You learn about dance in an academic sense, by studying theories and research methods. You study the political, social, and physical aspects of dance. You learn about the importance of dance in various cultures. You may also study acting, composition, and choreography. You will become more aware of your body and its limits.