Salons and Spas

The majority of a beauty schools graduates will end up employed by salons and spas.

A beauty salon offers hairstyling and hair cutting services, as well as general beauty treatments. A salon may offer manicures, pedicures, hair removal, or makeup application for weddings and other special occasions. Some salons cater to families or busy professionals, while others are established as places to visit when you want access to the latest beauty treatments and fashion forward styles.

Spas may be stand-alone businesses or extensions of well known salons. Spas specialize in helping people relax. They provide services such as massages, facials, body wraps, and mud baths. Some spas also offer consultations in yoga or aromatherapy, although additional training would be required if you are interested in obtaining a position in this area.

One important factor to consider as you’re looking at potential employers is whether you’d like to work for a chain or an individual business. Salons and spas that are part of a chain will tend to be more financially stable, but you will have less flexibility as an employee. In comparison, you’re likely to be able to have more opportunities to develop your skills working at an individual business.

Regardless of the type of employer you choose, you will likely rely on tips as a significant portion of your income. Since tipping is based on the price of services performed, this means employees of businesses in higher priced areas will have greater earning potential.