Social Worker Job Descriptions

The role of a social worker can vary in responsibilities. Take a look at the following social worker job descriptions to compare job expectations: Per Diem Social Worker

The per diem social worker is paid by the hour based on need. She will most likely work in the field visiting patients to assess care and provide treatment. The social worker will help the client manage their pain and symptoms. This worker may work in a team of interdisciplinary professionals and provide psychosocial support, if needed. Sometimes the per diem social worker will treat hospice patients in a healthcare setting. To be successful in this job, the person will need a current and unrestricted driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and auto insurance. Educationally, they will have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work or psychology. This person will need strong written, verbal, organizational, and computer skills.

Trauma Social Worker

The trauma social worker job description will describe a person responsible for developing and implementing individual discharge plans with the patient, family, and medical team. The trauma worker will work with the patient from a clinical standpoint, to socialize them back into their family system and community after an illness and hospitalization. This role will involve managing the patient from a social, environmental, and psychological view and engaging both the patient and family on a discharge plan. Many times the trauma social worker will provide bereavement and grief counseling and coordinate rehabilitation plans which may include an interdisciplinary team of people. The trauma social worker should be able to handle high stress situations and have good language, communications, and interpersonal skills. She should have a positive and supportive attitude and the ability to work within teams. A good trauma social worker will be professional in appearance and actions and flexible to schedule changes to meet patient care needs. This person will usually have a master’s degree in social work, with five years in medical social work at an acute care level. The trauma worker will have advanced experience in assessment and clinical skills with the ability to facilitate therapy group sessions.

Psychiatric Social Worker

The psychiatric social worker job description is written to attract a person who will be a member of a team of people who help treat a patient. The typical social worker job description will look like this:

In this role, the psychiatric social worker will be,

  • Familiar with all aspects of psychopathology
  • Recognize the appropriate and timely clinical treatment and interventions needed
  • An expert in a variety of treatment modalities
  • Comfortable in working with diverse populations
  • A part of a team of people who will provide direct assessment, treatment plans and interventions, and provide psycho-education to the patient and family members

Social Worker Job Description

This person will spend time providing direct care to patients and will be proficient in identifying and treating the span of developmental stages. This social worker will recommend therapeutic remedies and render appropriate and immediate guidance to members in crisis or in immediate need of clinical services.

The usual minimum requirements for this social worker job description include a master’s degree in social work or related behavioral field, a valid and current LCSW and LMFY license, two years post-graduate experience in a behavioral health setting with the understanding of DSM nomenclature. Effective interpersonal skills are required in this job. The social worker will have the ability to communicate to all levels of staff, patients, and family members. She will have good organizational skills with the ability to maintain written records of therapy, prepare reports, and write letters. This worker will maintain the appropriate license to practice in the field and comply with all organizational, departmental, state, and federal guidelines. At times, she will be responsible for conducting telephone assessments and counseling.

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