Student Finances

Once students get money, they have to manage it. Financing massage therapy school usually makes for a very tight budget. A student may want to consider working part time. It provides extra income for those unexpected mishaps that always come up. There are several ways to cut down on the cost of living to make going to school easier.

Use credit cards sparingly. Training is expensive and has many side costs, such as gas, meals, and class needs. A student does not need more debt. Especially avoid using credit cards for everyday things like meals.

Create a budget. A budget gives you a good idea of how much you have, where it goes, and how much you have to spend once the bills are paid. It is easy to spend money quickly in small amounts without realizing how much was spent over a month. Budgeting helps keep a student on track financially.

Look at cell phone costs. If far from home and a cell phone is a must, consider staying on the family plan with unlimited calling. If phone use is easily available locally and long distance is occasional, consider a calling card. Cell phones are one of those hidden expenses that tend to get a student into financial trouble when they least expect it.

Purchasing new textbooks is sometimes almost as much as the tuition. There are sites that sell used textbooks on the Internet. The books can be shipped overnight. Contact your school training program and see if you can get the textbook list.

Check if it is possible for you to leave your car at home. If massage therapy school is on a campus, it is often feasible to do this. Cars and gas cost money, and campuses in more urban areas provide transportation services. Car-pooling is available for getting back home in most cases.

Social life habits can eat up money quickly. Make sure you have the budget for joining organizations. Check member fees since some can be as much as $1,000 a year. Going off campus to eat or attend events is often expensive. Campuses usually provide meal tickets and have a variety of free or low cost events scheduled. Normally free pizza is available somewhere weekly.

Living on a tight budget does not mean staying in the dorm every night. There are lots of free activities and fun to be had. It takes some searching on the student’s part and planning ahead. Living within a budget is more freeing and enjoyable than worrying about money.