Types of Dance

If you are looking to take dance classes, you have many options. Because dance usually complements music, there are types of dance for each type of music, with many originating in foreign countries. Some types of dance are newer and more modern, while others have been around for centuries. If you are looking to gain experience in a specific type of dance, a dance school can teach you new skills.

Probably the most popular type of dance is ballet. Ballet is the basis of many other types of dance. It tells stories through movement and music. Ballet has been around for many centuries. It requires lot of flexibility, grace, and coordination, as well as top physical conditioning. Ballet is very rigid and requires all moves to be executed flawlessly and gracefully. Body type is of extreme importance; the best ballet dancers are small and thin.

Tap dance is a unique dance style in which the dancers wear tap shoes with metal plates on the soles to create sounds that mimic drum beats. The dancer basically uses his feet as drums to create unique sounds and patterns.

Modern dance, known as a rebellion against ballet, focuses on inner emotions. Some of the dance steps are unusual. Modern dance lacks the strict rules commonly found in ballet, instead focusing on performance and choreography. Lighting, props, and costumes also play a huge role in modern dance, similar to a play or musical.

Hip-hop dance is done to hip-hop music. It is probably one of the most popular types of dance among teenagers and young adults. It is an energetic dance that has evolved from rock and roll and jazz and is primarily from the Latin culture. Freedom and improvisation are key factors in hip-hop dance. Breakdancing is a form of hip-hop dance done mostly by young men. It incorporates spins, jumps, and cartwheels with quick moves.

Jazz is an upbeat and fun dance style. Many dance styles are often incorporated into jazz dance. It is based on creativity and improvisation. Jazz dance is personalized based on each person’s expression. However, the focus is on body movement, so grace and coordination are still necessary.

Swing dance is performed to swing music, and is done in couples. The dance is fun and lively, incorporating jumps, swings, and spins.

Latin dance is often considered sensual and sexy. It is know for using many hip movements. It is fast-paced and done with a partner.

Flamenco is a dance originated in Spain. It combines dancing with hand and arm movements and three main elements: the dance, the song, and the guitar.

Ballroom dancing originated in Latin America and includes well-known dances such as the foxtrot, cha-cha, waltz, and tango. It requires mastering many fundamental moves, so a personal instructor is often needed. However, once you gain experience, freestyle is encouraged at the expert levels.

Folk dance encompasses many group or community dances. These dances are often done at local community events by people with no formal training from a dance school. Various dances are considered folk dances, including clogging, Irish dance, square dance, Morris dance, and Maypole dance. The popular contra dance involves two lines of couples that perform many movements while facing each other. It’s a dance that is known as being easy to learn and very fun.

Country/western dances are performed to country music. The most popular are group dances such as the line dance and square dance. However, many others involve a partner, such as the polka, two-step, and Cotton Eyed Joe.