Massage Therapy Certification Test

There are three certification tests: MBLEX, NCETM, or NCETMB. States usually list more than one type of test. It is not so significant which one you take. It is important you take one. More importantly, make sure the massage therapy school curriculum and training align to these exams.

NCETMB exam is recognized in thirty-eight states. It consists of six sections with one hundred and sixty multiple-choice questions. A student has two hours and forty minutes to complete the exam. The NCETM is similar in format and size to the NCETMB, except questions pertaining to bodyworks are not present. NCETM exams are regulated by the same authorities as the NCETMB.
The MBLEx consists of eight sections and is from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. MBLEx is recognized in thirty-two states. It has one hundred and twenty-five multiple-choice questions, and a student has two hours and thirty minutes to complete the exam.