Accounting Specialties

Just as there are a number of different degrees that an individual can obtain, there are also a number of different areas in which an individual can specialize. In fact, there are actually dozens of subfields within the field of accounting that an individual can work in, and almost every accounting school will offer courses in a number of these subfields. It is important to note, however, that each of these subfields is different and that the accounting jobs within each subfield may be different as well. An individual may be required to perform different tasks in different accounting specialties, and obtain different degrees and/or different certifications.

Accounting Administration
Accounting and Payroll Administrator
Accounting Assistant/Specialist
Accounting Information Systems and Technology
Accounting Management
Business Administration
Business Management
Computerized Accounting
Financial Accounting
Financial Analysis
Financial and Fraud Investigation
Financial Management
Financial Services
Forensic Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Professional Accounting
Property Management
Several things should be considered about each accounting specialty before making a decision.

First, try to get an idea of what you will actually be doing in a particular specialty once you graduate and try to determine whether that is actually what you want to be doing. This is important because each specialty will require you to perform a different set of tasks, and it is important for you to make sure that you are pursuing a specialty that will allow you to perform the tasks that you enjoy and/or the tasks that you are comfortable doing. For example, an individual who is not comfortable leading a team or offering constructive criticism may not be suited for a management position.

Secondly, try to get an idea of the type of degree that is required for positions within the specialty that you are considering. This is important because there are some specialties in which an individual can obtain a position with nothing more than an accounting certificate, but there also specialties in which an individual can obtain a position only with a master’s degree that is focused on that particular specialty. In other words, some employers may require you to have a specific degree in order to work in a certain specialty, and it is important to know which degree you will need to obtain the position of your choice.